The Conflict Triangle - Understanding What’s Beneath - The Mediator will assist with:-

PEOPLE -  WHO is fighting and how are they experiencing it?

Parties have particular personalities, emotions and relationships. The conflict has a particular history, set in a particular social context.

Emotions, hurt, longings, personalities, moods, empathy, affection, values, interpretations, behaviour, skills, abilities, identities, perception of self,other, Relative social status, Relationship, role and history, degree of intimacy.

PROCESS: HOW are they fighting?

Parties do things that intensify, ease, spread, or defuse a conflict. Their interaction are shaped by their environment-rules, hierarchy, decision-making modes, laws, norms for communication, or by taking part in mediation.

How people communicate, how discussions go, how information is handled, who is included, excluded, structures, system, procedures, laws, rules and enforcement, authority, roles, division of responsibilities, norms how to behave in a conflict, how decisions are made.

PROBLEM: WHAT are they fighting about and why?

Parties have particular concerns, needs, values that ignite or drive the dispute.

Disagreements, concerns, worries, blame, accusation, explanation and reasons, positions, proposed solutions, fallouts from past, information, data, facts, interdependence  of parties, interests, needs, wants, limits, systems, laws, rule, subject-matter specifics, technicalities, perceived option and consequences.

Asha Rani

Asha is a Certified and Approved Family Mediator, she did her Certificate of Completeness with National Family Mediation and is qualified to undertake Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings "MIAMS".

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