Fee Schedule

Initial Meeting to assess suitability for Mediation including domestic violence screening (Individual session which is strictly confidential with the Mediator)
(Mediation Information and Assessment meeting "MIAMS Meeting")

Joint meetings with other party to discuss all child issues only.
(Per Person)
Joint meetings to discuss  issues around finances and property
(Per Person)
What you have decided after each meeting relating to children issues only.
("SOU" - Statement of Outcome Per Person)
Summarising the outcome of proposals after each Meeting.
("OFU" - Open Statement of Financial Information in relation to Financial and Property Per Person)
Memorandum of Understanding
("MOU" preparing final document setting out what has been agreed between the clients Per Person)
Form C100 and Form A (this form is to be provided to your Solicitors if mediation is unsuccessful in order that they can issue court proceedings)
(MIAMs separate fee see above)
Postage, photocopying charges.
(photocopy documents and sending disclosure documents and SOU, OFS and MOUs - Per Person)

All joint meetings and documents charges above are per person and no VAT is applicable. The joint sessions will be strictly 1 hour and 30 mins. All documents are also per person upon each meeting. Payment must be made in advance to each meeting. Shuttle Mediation is at no further cost.

Methods of Payment:

Cheque: Subject to clearance in advance of any meeting or work to be done. Cash: Can be paid upon attendance at our offices.

Asha Rani

Asha is a Certified and Approved Family Mediator, she did her Certificate of Completeness with National Family Mediation and is qualified to undertake Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings "MIAMS".

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